Mission Statement for the Community Engagement Program and Partnerships (CEPP)


The Milton Academy Community Engagement Program and Partnerships (CEPP) encourages participants to take responsible action for the short and long term well-being of the community, on campus and beyond. Through service, the program promotes respectful connections with others, personal growth and commitment. Our program invites intentional exploration of the issues that shape our communities, in hopes that students learn from interaction with the surrounding world.

CEPP is based on a model that emphasizes two-way partnership and engagement (as opposed to the notion that only the volunteer has something to “give”). We acknowledge that all members of the program—student volunteers, faculty and staff members, partner organizations and their constituents, parent volunteers—add immense value, strength, resource, and potential for growth. The program will promote thoughtful sharing of knowledge, skills and perspectives in these relationships.

CEPP also makes purposeful connection with the Office of Multiculturalism and Community Development, under whose structural umbrella the program sits. This link encourages more explicit work on understanding culture and identity; in defining reciprocal needs and assets of community partners; closer focus on the impact of work with partner sites; enhanced training and reflection for student volunteers; and support for service learning and social justice work through the curriculum. In so doing, CEPP aims to support collaboration among students, faculty and staff across our School.