New Name and Enhanced Goals for Community Service


Milton’s Community Service Program has been engaging students and local non-profit organizations for decades. Last spring, program leaders conducted an extensive assessment of service at Milton to understand the value of the experience, affirm the program’s strengths, and identify opportunities for growth. This assessment included feedback from many constituents—students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and partner sites—who completed surveys and participated in focus groups. Another goal is to align the program more closely with Milton’s strategic priorities– offering students a rich and meaningful experience, and developing in them the competencies and skills to be responsible citizens.

Thus, we are pleased to announce that the program has a new name: Community Engagement Programs and Partnerships (CEPP). We will move away from a focus simply on service—the idea that only the volunteer has something to “give”—toward a model that emphasizes two-way partnership and engagement. We acknowledge that all members of the program—student volunteers, faculty and staff members, partner organizations and their constituents, parent volunteers—add immense value, strength, resource, and potential for growth. The program will promote thoughtful sharing of knowledge, skills, and perspectives in these relationships.

This shift includes a more purposeful connection with the Office of Multiculturalism and Community Development, under whose structural umbrella the program sits. This link encourages more explicit work on understanding culture and identity; in defining reciprocal needs and assets of community partners; closer focus on the impact of work with partner sites; enhanced training and reflection for student volunteers; and support for service learning and social justice work through the curriculum. In so doing, Community Engagement Programs and Partnerships aim to support collaboration among students, faculty, and staff across all departments, K–12.

We are excited to take the Community Engagement Programs and Partnerships in this direction, reaching beyond the notion of just “doing service” to engaging in a more intentional and reflective way with the community, on and beyond campus. We look forward to fostering deep personal and academic growth, and strengthening Milton Academy’s role in the broader community.

We thank you, as always, for your continued support. If you have questions about the program’s name change, renewed focus, or ongoing work, please contact us.


Andrea Geyling-Moore
Director of Upper School Community Engagement Programs and Partnerships

Heather Flewelling
Director of Office of Multiculturalism and Community Development