Dining Communication Grid

In an effort to better meet the food service requirements of the Milton community, we have created the following communication grid to assist you with how to get your questions, comments or concerns regarding food service operations on campus to the proper person.

What if …
You should …
An item in the dining hall runs out (i.e., food, drink, plates, flatware, glassware, utensils, etc. Talk to a member of the Flik team working in the dining area so that your concerns can be immediately addressed. Flik personnel can be identified by black pants, a polo shirt with a FLIK Logo and nametag.
I have a question, comment or concern about the food program or menu options. Contact the Director of Dining Services X2350
I am in a remote location (Lower School/East/West Campus) and have an  immediate issue concerning food service. Talk to a member of the FLik team working in the dining area so that your concerns can be immediately addressed. If Flik staff are not present dial the main kitchen number in Forbes (x2351) where someone is always available.
I have questions regarding ingredients in the food or a certain dish. Contact the Executive Chef X2352
I had a particularly good or bad dish and would like to express my thoughts. Contact a member of the Dining Service Management Team. Please be specific about the dish, time and place it was served so that the Dining Services can address your feedback, and in conjunction with the Executive Chef take the appropriate action.
I want to have an event catered. Visit our Catering page.
I have an idea, recommendation or comment about the Milton Snack Bar. Contact the Dining Room/Snack Bar Manager X2369
I have a comment(positive or negative) about a Flik employee. Contact the Director of Dining Services X2350
I have tried to resolve problems by using the above procedures but issues have gone unresolved or are part of a continuing pattern. Contact the Director of Dining Services X2350
I have an issue with dining operations that remains unsolved after following all of the procedures listed about. Contact the Director of Business Services x2480

Contact List – Flik

Joe Hines Director of Dining Services x2350 781-953-1967 Joe_Hines@milton.edu
Michael Santoemmo Catering Director x2327 401-826-7366 Michael_Santoemmo@milton.edu
Benji Solivan Executive Chef x2352 Benjamin_Solivan@milton.edu
Brennan Ware Executive Sous Chef x2351 Brennan_Ware@Milton.edu
Jacob Martin Dining Room/SB Manager x2369 Jacob_Martin@Milton.edu
Jose Sequeira Sous Chef-Elliott Commons
X2387 Jose_Sequeira@milton.edu

Contact List – Milton Academy

Paula Bonarrigo, Director of Business Serivces and Special Programs x2480 Paula_Bonarrigo@milton.edu
Main Kitchen (Forbes) x2351
Snack Bar x2353
Junior Building x1851
Hathaway x2172
Goodwin x2173
Elliott Kitchen x2365