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Junior Building Lunch

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Weekly Lower School Lunch Menu

 Hot Food Offerings

 Milton Academy Junior Program 
  January 20th- 23rd-27th
 Monday Tuesday  Wednesday   Thursday Friday the 20th
 Grilled Beef Burgers Pepperoni Pizza Teriyaki Chicken Scrambled Eggs Steamed Hot Dogs
 Crispy Potato Tots  Cheese Pizza  Steamed Jasmine Rice Turkey Sausage LinksFrench Toast Pasta with Marinara Sauce
 Pasta & Marinara Sauce  Plain Pasta with Marinara Sauce  Pasta with Marinara Sauce  Breakfast Seasoned Potatoes Roasted Carrots

Daily Offerings


Cheese Sticks
Sliced Chicken/Turkey
Pepperoni or Ham
Cold Pasta
Fresh Fruit cut up
sm. Apples or Oranges
Grape Tomatoes
Baby carrots
Pita Bread
Little wheat bagels
Yogurt cups
 Ranch Dressing
       Oil & Vinegar
 Peanut-butter & jelly


Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.