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Science: Learning by Doing

By engaging students at all levels in doing science rather than just reading about it. Milton tries to build on the natural excitement of scientific exploration. We help students develop increasingly sophisticated skills in asking and answering scientific questions.

Milton’s course sequence beings with physics, and moves to chemistry and then biology. The physics first curriculum relies on hierarchical learning and constructivism: that is, building students’ understanding of scientific principles from the ground level up. Experience with conceptual physics enhances learning in chemistry, which in turn informs and supports understanding molecular biology. For example, knowledge of the structure and reaction of the atom and an understanding of covalent and ionic bonding is essential to learning about biological molecules like proteins and DNA. Without a grasp of the atom and bonding (from chemistry) learning about proteins becomes an exercise in memorization rather than understanding.

Milton offers honors and advanced level courses as well as deeply challenging electives. Milton Academy science is interactive and creative, reinforcing investigation, imagination and discovery.