“Milton’s mission is preparing our students for lifelong success; that principle animates our college counseling program. We can significantly affect the emotional and social growth of our students. We can give them the tools to take on the world with gusto, resourcefulness and joy.”
—Rod Skinner, Director of College Counseling

College Counseling at Milton

Milton prepares young people to seek meaningful lifetime success, and that principle drives our college counseling program. We believe that the college process can help our students grow, both emotionally and socially. Through this process, we can help our students develop the tools to take on the world with gusto, resourcefulness, and joy.

Milton’s powerful, experienced, and highly collaborative team of professionals develop relationships with students and help them manage the core work as thoroughly and as thoughtfully as possible.


  • Our program involves lots of one-on-one conversations, humor wherever possible, and timely reminders about what is really important in students’ lives.
  • Through continuous and accurate communication, we help ground students so that they can be their best, most dynamic selves and do their best work.
  • In that scenario, creativity has a chance to thrive.
  • Students can develop applications that capture their own power.

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Counseling Team

Rod Skinner, Director of College Counseling

rod-160309_7604314853Mr. Skinner directs Milton’s college counseling office, which assists 100 percent of graduating seniors each year matriculate at more than 80, selective, four-year colleges and universities in the United States and abroad. He is a teacher, advisor, program developer, and frequent chair or co-chair of diverse institutional initiatives.

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Rachel Klein-Ash, Associate Director

cc_rachelOriginally from Maine, Ms. Klein-Ash came to Milton via Washington, D.C., where she worked in public policy for several years. In addition to her college counseling role, Rachel wears many Milton hats: she is a house parent in Robbins House, a teacher of Senior Transitions (a course in Milton’s Affective Education program), and was faculty advisor to the Jewish Student Union for 15 years. Ms. Klein-Ash’s husband is a public school counselor, and they are parents to two children.

Terri James Solomon, Associate Director

cc_terriMs. Solomon comes from a long line of educators, but she decided early on she wanted to be a psychologist. In college, however, the education courses were most appealing to her. Since then, she has taught in public and private schools, and consulted with schools and community organizations. Prior to Milton, she worked at Wellesley College where she was a career counselor and an admission officer. At Milton, Ms. Solomon is faculty advisor to the Students Interested in Middle Eastern Affairs (SIMA) club. She lives with her husband and two sons.

Amy Kirkcaldy, Associate Director

cc-amy_kirkcaldyBefore coming to Milton, Ms. Kirkaldy worked in admission and financial aid at Harvard University, as well as in international education at M.I.T. She began her career as a Spanish teacher. Her love for the language began in high school, and after college she taught in both Spain and Mexico. She also taught in the Duxbury public school system. She and her husband are parents of twin boys.

Julia Esquivel, Associate Director

cc-julia-coffey-esquivelBefore pursuing her master’s degree, Ms. Esquivel served for four years as an assistant director of admission at Haverford College, where she led Haverford’s multicultural recruitment initiatives. While completing her graduate work, which focused on behavioral science and health education, she volunteered for both the Emory and Haverford admission offices. Before coming to Milton, she worked on the epidemiology team at Boston’s Fenway Institute.

Sandi Dunnington, College Counseling Assistant

cc-dunningtonWhen students enter Straus Library, home to the college counseling office, Ms. Dunnington’s is the first welcoming face they see. She keeps the office on track and running smoothly—coordinating schedules, planning visits to campus from college admission representatives, and ensuring that students and parents have the information they need as they navigate the college admission process. Ms. Dunnington served in the college counseling office from 1998–2003; taking a hiatus when her children were born, she returned in 2010. Ms. Dunnington and her husband, a faculty member in Milton’s athletic department, live with their two children.

Contact the College Counseling Office

Sandi Dunnington
Assistant to the College Counseling Office
Milton Academy
170 Centre Street, Milton, MA  02186
P: 617-898-2310   F: 617-898-1717

“We constantly hear feedback from colleges that Milton students do an unbelievable job of distinguishing themselves during the college process. We all work hard to create an environment in which students can be individuals. There is no cookie-cutter student at Milton. Students here are very comfortable being who they are.”
—Rachel Klein-Ash, Associate Director of College Counseling