Summer 2017: People and Progress

Dare: The Campaign for Milton is all about people: our faculty, our students, and the power of their experiences together. It’s those people, and the community that surrounds them—parents, staff, friends and more—who are making success for our School possible. Our most recent academic year supporters include:

  • 800 donors who told us Milton matters by making a gift on Giving Day
  • 58 parents, 59 alumni and 31 donors who are both alumni and parents have made gifts of $100,000 or more during the campaign
  • 100% of Trustees make gifts supporting Milton

Looking to support this landmark effort? Contact Katie Connolly, Director of Development, at 617-898-2296 or

Fall 2015: Dare Launch


The largest campaign in Milton’s history—a campaign about our faculty, our students and the power of their experiences together—launched its public phase. Riveted on the compelling stories shared by a student, a faculty member, and a recent graduate, 500 Milton alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends joined President of the Board Lisa Donohue ’83, in declaring this moment as Milton’s moment. 

At launch, on Saturday, October 24, Milton had already achieved 48 percent of the $175 million goal. With gratitude and excitement about the challenge ahead, Milton celebrated the many donors whose confidence in Milton’s vision made the launch possible. Eager to move on our goal, to advance Milton’s role as a national leader in teaching and learning, these donors enabled action on key priorities that support faculty salaries, cutting edge professional development, and purposeful curriculum innovation.

The enthusiasm of Todd Bland, head of school, and Brad Bloom, campaign chair, clearly telegraphed the need for each person who knows Milton to take responsibility for reimagining Milton’s great legacy—for each individual’s role in providing our faculty, students and staff the resources, the freedom and the power to strengthen education that is true to Milton: questing, evolving and daring.

View photos of the on-campus launch.

Watch video of the launch event

Speakers—including Lisa Baker, English department faculty member and parent to three Milton students—capture the spirit of the launch event with their compelling stories—at the heart of the Milton experience.


Percentage to Goal