Our Students Have Spoken: Meet Stan the Stang

16-09_mustangOver the summer, Milton’s mascot underwent a physical transformation—sporting a new uniform, growing out the orange mane, and showing off a stronger physique around the cannon and stifle. With this new look, Milton’s athletic department and student activities office thought it would only be appropriate to brand the mustang with an official name. An appointed committee of students narrowed the field of proposed names down to four finalists. The list of finalists included Stoky the Stang, in honor of Mr. Stokinger; Millet the Mustang, in honor of Mr. Millet; Marty the Mustang; and Stan the Stang. All students, faculty and staff were offered the chance to fill out an online survey to pick their favorite. Nearly 600 votes were cast, and when the virtual dust settled, the winning name stood triumph. At the next athletic contest you attend, make sure you say “hello” to Stan the Stang.