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Middle school years involve tremendous growth and change. We see curiosity, boundless energy, and increased sophistication inside and outside the classroom. Each day, our students take on more responsibility and independence; we understand them, support them, and help them grow as they transition from childhood to adolescence.

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Congratulations to our Spring Season Athletes!

spring2017athletesThe Middle School Athletics Coach’s Award is an honor that goes to that student on an athletics team whose spirit of good sportsmanship and teamwork serves as an example for those around them. Through his or her actions, this individual has applied the Middle School values of respect and responsibility to the realm of athletics in ways both large and small. The recipient of this award has represented the school through athletics in a very positive way and is hereby commended.

Joe––Boys’ Lacrosse
Grace––Girls’ Lacrosse
CeCe––Girls’ Tennis
Wilder––Boys’ Tennis