Student Publications

The Milton Measure

The official student-run newspaper of Milton Academy. Published bi-weekly since 1894.
Read the Milton Measure online.

La Voz

Click on the link below to read La Voz online.
Read La Voz online.


Milton’s science journal
Read Helix online.

Mille Tonnes

Click on the link below to read Mille Tonnes online.
Read Mille Tonnes online.

Magus Mabus

The Magus-Mabus is a collection of poems, short stories, essays and artwork in two editions contributed by members of Classes I-IV.


Aché is a student run literary magazine that allows students to share their identities and cultures through creative writing and visual art. The word “Aché” is a Yoruban word meaning power, not power in the general sense, but that which binds and connects. Aché was established to create a forum for all students to discuss experiences and ideas relating to people of color throughout the world. Today, Aché holds true to its original mission but also includes untraditional aspects of identity and culture that have been “put on the back burner”. All these ideas and experiences are often misrepresented or underrepresented. We believe that this unique literary magazine will open dialogue in the community and reveal aspects of Milton Academy students that are rarely seen.

The Milton Paper

Milton’s award-winning, independent weekly student newspaper. A forum for discussion and thought since 1983.Faculty Sponsor: Lisa Baker


Gaia is an environmental and outdoor publication that prints seasonal issues with articles and photographs on topics such as environmental issues, outdoor sports/recreation and events in the media.

The Asian

The Asian is Milton Academy’s independent student publication for Asian culture and news.

The Current

The Current is devoted to the debate and discussion of current issues and controversial events. Articles range from issues at Milton to societal and political issues concerning the world at large. Milton Academy is a school full of diverse views, and The Currentacts as the voice of these many unique perspectives.

The Issue

In the spirit of the Public Issues Board’s mission within the Milton Academy community to encourage thoughtful discussion and debate of current events, and to promote a greater awareness of the outside world, The Issue aims to provide a common base of knowledge on a broad range of current issues. Focusing on three topics a week, the student writers seek to offer an unbiased summary of the facts and opinions related to each issue, in an up-to-date, well-researched, and easily-readable form.