Exam Week FAQs


Exam Week 2017

January 23–27*

*Please note that the exam dates are weather-dependent, and will change if we have a snow day that week.

Where can students find the exam schedule?
Download the exam schedule here. A copy of the exam schedule is posted electronically to each student. Also, students’ advisors have a copy, and a copy is on the door of the Deans’ suite.

Where can students find exam locations?
Locations will be posted on both levels in the Student Center and in each dorm by Wednesday, January 18.

How long are exams?
Each sit-down exam is two hours. (Students will be informed by their teacher of any exceptions.)

When do day students have to be on campus?
Day students are required to be in school only during their exams. There are no morning assemblies during exam week.

Are sports practices and play rehearsals held every day during exam week?
Athletic practices and rehearsals will be required for one hour each day of exam week. If a student has two exams or assessments the next day, or if a student does not come in to school because he or she has a day without exams or assessments, that student is automatically excused from the practice or rehearsal. Students should inform their coaches or directors about any days they will miss.

Is the bus schedule different during exam week?
Buses will run usual times in the morning, Monday through Friday. The buses will depart at 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. in the afternoon, Monday through Friday.

What if a student is sick during exam week?

DAY STUDENTS: Parents of day students should call the attendance line in the morning to report the illness and leave a contact phone number. The Registrar’s office will call later in the day to discuss rescheduling the exam(s) missed.

BOARDERS: Boarders should go to the Health Center. The Registrar’s office will be in contact to reschedule exams and due dates as necessary.

What happens if there’s a snow day, or a delayed start to school?
Snow delays or cancellations will be communicated in the usual ways including Rave Alert, a message on the School website, and information on local TV stations.

Possible outcomes:

  • There may be a delayed start, with buses and the start of both exams being delayed one or two hours.
  • If we cancel an exam block due to weather, the whole schedule will slide forward by one block. The exams will remain in the original order.
    For example, if we have to cancel Tuesday’s afternoon exams…Tuesday’s afternoon exams will be held on Wednesday morning. Then, the exams originally schedule for Wednesday morning, will be Wednesday afternoon, and so on, for the remainder of Exam Week. This means that Friday’s original afternoon exams will be on Monday morning.
  • If we lose a full day due to weather, the exams will all slide one day. Exams will remain in the original order.
    For example, if we have to cancel Wednesday’s exams…Wednesday’s exams will be held on Thursday. Then, the exams originally schedule for Thursday, will be on Friday, and Friday’s original exams will be held on Monday.
  • If we lose more than one entire day to weather, the Ad Team will devise a rescheduling plan that will include both Monday and Tuesday.


When are teachers available to students during exam week?
Teachers are available to students for exam review and assessment help from 11 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. for the two school days prior to their exam.

When will exams be returned?
All exams will be returned on Wednesday, February 1. The second semester begins on Thursday, February 2.