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Milton Academy is an independent college preparatory K–12 school, boarding and day in grades 9–12, located south of Boston.

Milton Academy cultivates in our students a passion for learning and a respect for others. Milton students grow by developing their own identities, learning from and listening to the lived experiences of others, and living and working among peers whose differences they accept with respect and care.

In our ongoing work to create the anti-racist environment at Milton—free from bias, injustice, and bigotry—that our values demand, we encourage each other to explore our own histories and identities, be open to learning from others, seek to understand the world around us with a critical lens, and strive to practice ways of interacting with one another that ensure all students and adults feel safe, supported, and able to express all aspects of their identities without judgment or hate.

In our dynamic community, we honor that Milton students challenge each other to build a foundation upon which to leave Milton and partner with their future communities to help create a more just world and in those spaces that are dissonant to our values, to have the courage to speak up and live by our motto, “Dare to be true.”

Summary of Position: 

The Assistant to the Upper School Principal provides pivotal support to the Principal’s office.  The Assistant manages the daily operations of a dynamic office and attends to all of the administrative needs of the Principal, including maintaining the Principal’s schedule, answering the telephone, and managing correspondence. The Assistant serves as the Principal’s link to the Upper School and has direct and significant interaction with faculty, staff, students, and parents.  The Assistant also serves as a project manager or point person for many projects in the Upper School.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  1. Serves as central liaison between the Principal’s office and other school offices for the purpose of coordinating critical functions for the Principal.
  2. Provides general administrative support to the Principal, including coordinating appointments and maintaining the Principal’s calendar and answering the phone.
  3. Coordinates annual updates and edits of the faculty handbook.
  4. Creates, composes, and edits written materials for formal correspondence and inter-office documents.
  5. Serves as a first-line resource in resolving questions and concerns for students and parents in person, on the telephone, and via e-mail.
  6. Provides support to the upper school parents’ weekend, opening of school meetings, prize assembly, graduation, upper school faculty meetings, and other upper school events.
  7. Provides support for the housing committee.
  8. Coordinates workload letters with department heads and the principal.
  9. Coordinates evaluation process with department heads and the principal.
  10. Coordinates the administrator-on-duty schedule and the supervisory duty schedule.
  11. Coordinates visits for teaching and administrative candidates in the upper school.
  12. Provides administrative support for the dean of teaching and learning.
  13. Manages the budgets for the Principal’s office.
  14. Maintains and manages confidential information for the Principal.
  15. Other related responsibilities as assigned.

Milton Academy welcomes candidates who would add to the racial, cultural, and gender balance of the School community. Milton Academy is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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