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class_daySuper heroes, chefs, FBI agents, angels and cartoon characters burst onto “center stage” last Friday, as Class I students opened one of Milton’s favorite traditions: senior walk-in.  The seniors dress for success, and their class leaders launch the year by setting the themes seniors have chosen for the School.  Once the cacophony of the class entrance dies down, the speakers, Class I councilors Henry Green and Phoebe Bodkin, particularly welcome freshmen (Class IV).  They share sage advice about their views of the best ways to make the most of Milton and how to share one’s self with the School. The seniors’ spectacle launches another fun Milton tradition, Class Day, where all four classes participate in activities on and off campus.

This year, School head monitors Molly Gilmore and Tom Schnoor, chose viewing Waiting For Superman as a summer activity for all students and faculty.  That prepared everyone for the next item of the day, small group discussions about the documentary. Waiting For Superman is a compelling commentary on the state of American education; it follows several urban public school students and their families as they hope lottery results will deliver the crucial opportunity of a slot in a charter school system.

After discussions, Class II students boarded buses and headed into Boston where they searched the city for items required by a scavenger hunt. Class III students set off to local schools, daycares and shelters for a day of community service.

Class IV students got together for team building exercises in Schwarz Student Center before joining Class I students for lunch on the quad.  Seniors and freshmen then spent the afternoon together playing field day games, closing with an ice cream social.