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A Milton tradition since the 1970s, founded by faculty member Peter Keyes, Seminar Day engages all students and faculty in a day of provocative and current ideas. Seminar Day 2006, on May 3, begins with a keynote address by Alan Dershowitz, Milton parent and The Felix Frankfurter Professor at Harvard Law School. Professor Dershowitz’ address,Preemption: A Knife That Cuts Both Ways, looks at the ethics of preemptive action – on a national or a personal scale.

The student boards of Common Ground and Public Issues organized the day’s speakers and meetings, which cover a broad scan of interesting issues from Satire as a Critique in a Politically Correct Society, featuring New Yorker cartoonist William Hamilton to The Future of the GOP- Viewed by the Log Cabin Republicans, featuring Patrick Guerriero, Chair, Log Cabin Republicans. James Mills of the history department and Christine Savini, director of diversity planning, worked with students to arrange the day that will include a total of 17 speakers and discussions.