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Current Event Statements

Recent years have been rife with difficult domestic and world events. Organizations’ response or lack of response to these events has created difficulties for many as they sought both to support the broader community and also honor their own unique mission. Milton Academy is no exception. In all of its work, but especially in these situations, the school’s primary concern must be supporting our students.

After much thought and deliberation, Milton’s Board of Trustees, in partnership with the school’s Leadership Team, has decided not to issue institutional responses to external events in the future. Milton’s mission—to cultivate a passion for learning and a respect for others in our students; to embrace diversity and the pursuit of excellence; and to create a community in which individuals develop competence, confidence and character—will always be at the center of everything the school does. We will always be committed to advancing human rights and a just society. The school does not need to issue public stances or opinions on events in order to pursue these values. Our energy is better invested in Milton’s primary purpose, which is the education of young people.

When troubling external events do occur, the school’s priorities will be educating and ensuring the health and well-being of our students though community-based support such as:

  • Providing employees with education, resources and tools to support students
  • Classroom conversations
  • Presentations at assemblies
  • Drop-in processing sessions hosted by employees
  • Special schedules, programming and speakers
  • Advisory, house, class/grade discussions
  • Sharing resources and information about event-driven educational work and programs with families
  • Club and affinity group conversations
  • Individual and small group meetings

It is our aspiration that by helping our students navigate and learn from these moments during this critical time in their development, we will prepare them to participate in effecting meaningful, positive change in their communities and the world moving forward.

As always, thank you for your support and engagement in the Milton community.

The Milton Academy Board of Trustees