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Our Mission

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are fundamental to a strong community. Milton students grow by developing their own identities, learning from and listening to the lived experiences of others, and living and working among peers whose differences they accept with respect and care.

We commit to creating the anti-racist environment at Milton—free from bias, injustice, and bigotry—that our values demand. It is our responsibility to make certain that all students and adults feel safe, supported, and able to express all aspects of their identities without judgment or hate.

Summer and Fall 2020 Action Steps

Our obligation to take anti-racist action, especially here on our campus, remains essential to living our principles. We will take the following initial steps during the summer and fall of 2020 to help ensure an inclusive campus for all members of the Milton community:

  • Assessing our academic program ​to develop an understanding of culture, identity, and anti-racist action
  • Expanding internal diversity and equity training programs for all faculty and staff, including mandated external training for all new employees and periodic internal and external training for all other faculty, staff, administrators, and board members
  • Creating explicit ways for students to report concerns, such as microaggressions and other racially and identity-based infractions for the 2020–21 school year
  • Reviewing and revising hiring protocols for faculty and staff starting in September 2020; expanding​ networks and strategies to hire and retain more faculty and staff of color, with particular attention to Black teaching faculty
  • Revising​ feedback and evaluation mechanisms for all employees, including explicit standards for inclusive and equitable teaching and conduct for faculty, starting in September 2020

These steps are only the beginning of the necessary work to fundamentally change the structural inequalities and injustices within our community. We are dedicated to further and more profound initiatives within an action plan to accomplish our goals. We have convened representatives from our Board of Trustees, faculty, staff and alumni to serve as the Commission for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to begin addressing this important work immediately. We look forward to sharing details and providing transparent updates from a diversity, equity, and inclusion dashboard that will track and assess our work going forward.

Strategic Plan

Milton Academy has developed a multi-year strategic plan for diversity, equity, and inclusion to guide the School’s growth and change in critical areas of its educational mission and community. The plan was developed over a two-year period of dialogue, reflection, planning and review that involved Milton faculty, staff, and students. The plan will be reevaluated and updated over time to ensure the School is meeting its objectives.

The plan’s vision and priorities are detailed below:

Cultural Competency—Individual and Community Identity and Understanding
We will develop a common language to promote a shared understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion; this common language will help everyone speak and be understood in our community. We will provide an orientation on issues of identity, culture and community to help all who join Milton to learn about our values and approach to this work. This common language and foundation will help everyone to grow in cultural competence and foster a deeper sense of collective purpose.

We believe that students can better understand the world around them by learning from perspectives, histories, and experiences other than their own, and that teaching and learning are strengthened through multicultural awareness and understanding. Our educational and co-curricular programs will support the development of cultural competency by embedding multicultural content and teaching. We will design programs and spaces that allow students to explore their own identities and to learn from the identities and experience of others.

Adult Identities and Role Models
We believe that young people thrive in environments with diverse, positive, and accessible adult role models. Strong role models inspire self-reflection, identity development, and resilience and they encourage and support students to actively engage in a diverse community. We will provide intensive training programs for adults to build their own awareness of identity and culture, to impart skills for anticipating and navigating the inevitable tensions and conflicts of diverse communities, and to enrich the content and delivery of our programs.

Faculty and Staff Diversity
We must ensure that we have adults in our community who mirror the student population, in whom students can seek connection and support. Our vision is to recruit, support, and retain a diverse community of faculty and staff who together reflect and support all students in our community. Our recruitment practices and enhanced strategies will further our hiring and retention efforts for faculty and staff of color.

Planning and Accountability
Milton maintains a School-wide commitment to developing planning and policy that is informed by diversity, equity, and inclusion. The vision and principles outlined above connect to questions of physical planning and accessibility, human resources, admissions, parent programs, and other areas. They also inform our conduct and policy processes for students, faculty and staff, reflecting an expectation for how Milton will hold itself accountable to the support and development of its community members.