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Vanessa Cohen Gibbons, Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer
Melissa Lawlor, Upper School Director of Equity and Inclusion

Upper School Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

Lu Adami, Team Member
Tasha Otenti, Director of International Student Services
Molly Swain, Team Member
Carolina Rojas, Team Member

Middle School Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

Emily Arsenault, Project Manager
Lu Adami, Affinity and Cultural Spaces
Rose Bailey, Equitable and Inclusive Curriculum
Carrie Ferrin, Student Training and Leadership
Jacqui Hardaway, Middle School Admissions
Yoshi Makishima, Affinity and Cultural Spaces
Paul Ramos, Middle School Hiring
Mary Sisson, Faculty Training and Professional Development

Lower School Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

Affinity Space Subgroup
Josh Jordan, Lower School Communications Coordinator
Vanessa Phifer, Lower School Faculty
Valerie Thadhani, Lower School Director of Health and Wellness (chair)

Professional Development Subgroup
JoAnn Brown, Lower School Faculty (chair)
Gary Shrager, Lower School Dean of Operations and Faculty
Martha Slocum, Lower School Faculty

Teaching and Learning Subgroup
Kim Alston, Lower School Faculty
Katie Austin, Lower School Faculty
Tyler Jennings, Lower School Dean of Teaching and Learning (chair)

Parent Engagement Subgroup
Nora Elton, Lower School Parent (chair)
Stephanie Lamousnery, Lower School Parent
Daniele Serafini, President of Lower School Parents’ Association and Lower School Parent

BIPOC Committee

Made up of K–12 faculty and staff members and works to play an active role in the development of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives that prioritize the needs of BIPOC faculty, staff and students.

Alissa Braithwaite (chair)
Lori Dow
Pamela Pleasants
Giselle Sharpe

AWARE (Alliance of White Anti-Racist Employees)

AWARE fosters a judgement-free space for adults on campus to acknowledge, examine, and redefine whiteness. We educate ourselves on issues of race and equity, examine how whiteness reflects itself in our practices, and engage in anti-racism work in Milton and the community at large.

Amy Kirkcaldy
Molly Gilmore
Josh Quiñones