Student-led Cultural and Affinity Groups


Through discussion and activities, Milton’s active culture and affinity groups raise awareness and fuel healthy communication around issues of diversity. They also provide support for students who identify with a certain culture. The clubs create dialogue on important issues while encouraging “cultural allies” to listen and learn from the discussion in open meetings.

Smaller, more intimate affinity clubs provide opportunity for students sharing a common identity to find specific connection, to explore that identity, and to share common experiences, both positive and challenging. Affinity groups create a network that empowers students to participate in the School as the fullest expression of themselves. We’ve found that fostering many connection points for students and encouraging them to explore leads to vibrancy, confidence and character.

Asian Society
Promotes Asian, Asian-American and Pacific Island cultures through weekly meetings and activities. In addition to their regular meetings, the Asian Society supports the publication of The Asian and works in Chinatown on a regular basis, tutoring and providing English support.

South Asian Society
Provides discussion and support for Indian and South Asian students, through meetings and activities.

Caribbean Student Association
Provides a space for students of Caribbean descent to share their culture with each other and with the broader community.

Christian Fellowship
Provides an open and friendly environment for Christians and those interested in the Christian faith. The club welcomes people of all backgrounds to join and discuss the relevance of Christianity in today’s society.

GASP! (Gender and Sexuality Perspectives)
GASP! provides a safe space for LGBTQ people and their allies to discuss issues of sexual orientation and educate others, and provides support to people of all orientations.

GASP Out Group
Out Group provides confidential support for students identifying as LGBTQ to more directly discuss the coming-out process.

Jewish Student Union
JSU discusses issues about and affecting the Jewish community within Milton and beyond. All are welcome to join and encouraged to share their thoughts, opinions and ideas, regardless of their religion, race or ethnicity. JSU holds community Seders to share important cultural and religious celebrations.

Latino Association
Promotes awareness of Latino/Hispanic culture in the United States and abroad through social and cultural activities.

Muslim Student Association
A discussion group about issues relating to Islam and Muslim identity.

Mr.E (it’s a mystery) is a discussion group for biracial and multiracial students.

An organization through which Black students can find social, cultural and political support among their peers through weekly meetings and activities. Membership is open to all students who are interested in appreciating, respecting and learning about the Black experience.

Brother and Sister Bonding
An affinity group to support the social and personal development of Black and Latino boys and girls. Bi-weekly meetings provide informal, relaxed space for students to talk openly, with each other and with an adult advisor, about the personal joys and challenges of being a Black or Latino student at Milton.

SIMA (Students Interested in Middle Eastern Affairs)
A discussion group about issues relating to culture, identity and politics in the Middle East.


Each year the Asian Society hosts a celebration of the Chinese New Year, complete with homemade dumplings.