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While Milton’s co-curricular program broadly encourages students to deepen their personal interests such as athletics, performing arts, or politics, our affinity and cultural groups offer opportunities to explore aspects of social identities, including race, gender, sexuality, and religion. Cultural clubs create dialogue on important issues while encouraging cultural allies to listen and learn from the discussion in open meetings.
Smaller, more intimate affinity groups offer students who identify with a particular identity a safe place to deepen their understanding of themselves and connect with others who share that identity. Affinity groups create a network that empowers students to participate in the School as the fullest expression of themselves.

Advocates for Diverse Abilities

Affinity group for students with learning disabilities and differences to share experiences and strategies of working to thrive.
Faculty advisor: Murielle St. Paul

African Student Association

ASA engages in discussion related to life on the African continent and provides support and encouragement to African-identified students.

Asian Society

Promotes Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Island cultures through weekly meetings and activities. In addition to their regular meetings, the Asian Society supports production of the Loose Leaf student publication and engages in Boston’s Chinatown on a regular basis, tutoring and providing English support.
Faculty advisors: Nicole Darling and Vivian Wu Wong

Asian Affinity

The Asian Affinity provides a space for students who identify as being of Asian descent.

Caribbean Student Association

Provides a space for students of Caribbean descent to share their culture with each other and with the broader community.
Faculty advisor: Giselle Sharp

Christian Fellowship

Provides an open and friendly environment for Christians and those interested in Christian faith. The club welcomes people of all backgrounds to join and discuss the relevance of Christianity in society.
Faculty advisor: Akin Adeboye

Cultural Council

Cultural Council is a selected group of culture club and affinity group student leaders who gather to share issues emerging in the community and work to create strategies to take action.

GASP! (Gender and Sexuality Perspectives)

GASP! provides a safe space for LGBTQ+ people and their allies to discuss issues of sexual orientation and gender identity, educate others, and provide support to people of all orientations.
Faculty advisor: Hubert Hwang

LGBTQ+ Affinity

Milton provides three confidential affinity spaces for students who identify as living within the LGBTQ+ community. We currently support a GASP Out Group, a QPOC (Queer People of Color) group, and a Trans/Non-binary group for students who identify as transgender or gender non-binary or non-conforming. All spaces work to ensure that LGBTQ+ students have the opportunity to feel seen and affirmed.

International Student Association

The International Student Association celebrates the range of international identities and cultures represented within the Milton community. The group discusses the social, political and cultural events and issues in the home countries of our students, sharing culture and cultural food while discussing issues of living in a different country.
Faculty advisor: Tasha Otenti

ISA Affinity

ISA affinity provides space for international students to explore more personally the cultural adjustments they make both at School and at home, navigating language differences, travel and visa issues, and other relevant issues of concern.

Jewish Student Union

JSU discusses issues of concern to the Jewish community within Milton and beyond. All students, regardless of their religion, race or ethnicity, are welcome to join and encouraged to share their thoughts, opinions, and ideas. JSU holds community Seders to share important cultural and religious celebrations.
Faculty advisors: emily bargar and Josh Furst

Latinx Association

Promotes awareness of Latinx/Hispanic culture in the United States and abroad through social and cultural activities.

Muslim Student Association

A discussion group focused on issues relating to Islam and Muslim identity. MSA holds an annual Iftar celebration during Ramadan.
Faculty advisor: Terri James Solomon


Multi is a discussion group for biracial and multiracial students. In addition to club meetings, Multi also hosts Milton Moth open-mic events focused on issues of identity and community.
Faculty advisor: Matt Blanton


An organization through which Black students can find social, cultural, and political support among their peers through weekly meetings and activities. Membership is open to all students who are interested in appreciating, respecting, and learning about the Black experience.
Faculty advisor: Vanessa Cohen Gibbons

Brother and Sister Bonding

An affinity group to support the social and personal development of Black and Latinx boys and girls. Biweekly meetings provide an informal, relaxed space for students to talk openly, with each other and with an adult advisor, about the experiences and challenges of being a Black or Latinx student at Milton.

SAGE (Students Advocating for Gender Equity)

SAGE is focused on discussion of issues related to gender equity as well as raising awareness for such issues in the community.

SAMENA (South Asian, Middle Eastern (West Asian), and North African students)

SAMENA values the intersections between South Asian, Middle Eastern, and North African cultures, and serves as a place to unite over similarities, learn from differences, and celebrate each other.