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  a seasonal newsletter by the OMCD


7 Words

During the OMCD’s all-school assembly, we introduced our adaptation of “The Race Card Project,” a project that asks people to identify who they are in 6 words. Our version asked students to identify themselves in 7 words —not necessarily by race but by any identities...

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This fall we sent faculty and students to five different conferences: White Privilege Symposium, Social Justice Leadership, and WheatLead: A Forum for High School Students, the People of Color Conference, and the Student Diversity Leadership Conference.

White Privilege Symposium

October 20 - 21, Cape Cod, Massachusetts “The White Privilege Symposium examines the challenging concepts of diversity, power, privilege, leadership and oppression, focusing on issues of systemic inequity through empowering courageous, educational and action-oriented...

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Social Justice Leadership Institute

October ​21 - 22; St. Paul's School; Concord, NH​ “Focused on individual identity development, expanded political analysis, personal ​ ​leadership skills, and​ ​network transformation tools, the Institute will support students to acquire a deep understanding of how​...

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WheatLead: A Forum for High School Students

November 3, 2017; Wheaton College; Norton, Massachusetts The forum’s theme was From Innovation to Social Impact. “Students from more than 50 schools throughout the Northeast will come to Wheaton for the the day to work collaboratively on developing solutions to some...

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Welcome to The Buzz

We dimmed the lights, sporadically placed flameless tea candles, unveiled the saccharine treats, and welcomed students as they filtered into Straus Library, the virtual campfire glowing on a large television in the background. On the evening of October 31st and our...

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Culture Club Working Group

Culture Club Working Group

The purpose of the Working Group is to promote collaboration among culture clubs. Members of the group aim to practice cross-cultural dialogue, manage and evaluate student programming, develop and foster inclusivity, and build their leadership skills. Our vision is to...

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Asian Affinity Space

Milton's Asian Affinity gathers twice a month to provide students of Asian descent a place to share their experiences and find support. Frequently Asked Question: What’s the difference between a culture club and an affinity space? Affinity spaces are for only people...

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