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Counseling Outreach

The Outreach Team is a small group of faculty members trained to counsel students on issues adolescents face. Anyone can make a confidential referral to any member of the team when he or she has concerns about the well being of a student in our community. These concerns might include, but are not limited to, drug and alcohol abuse, cutting, depression or possible eating disorders. When the team receives sufficient information about a student or situation, a member of the team will meet with the student as a first step toward counseling or evaluation. The Outreach Team is independent of Milton’s disciplinary process and acts as a bridge to counseling. The primary goal of the Outreach Team is protecting the health and well being of students by getting them help before they develop serious health problems or suffer disciplinary consequences.

Outreach Members

training_steve_1_1Steven Darling, Athletic Trainer

“I have been teaching and working with high school students since I graduated from college in 1994. I enjoy mentoring and helping students face the everyday challenges of their high school years. I’m always amazed watching the mental and physical growth and developing maturity of teenagers during this sometimes awkward, but rewarding time of their lives. I have always felt a solid connection to students in this age group and they have challenged me as much as I have challenged them. I have also learned just as much from them as they have from me.”

10-10_colson_1_1Nicole Colson, English Faculty

“Helping students is rewarding. I embrace the opportunity to forge relationships with a variety of students. Because Outreach operates outside of the disciplinary process, students and faculty can seek help from an Outreach member without fearing that a friend in need will experience disciplinary repercussions. Therefore, as a community, we can help students before they experience destructive consequences. Milton should be a place where students are safe to learn and flourish. The ability to help someone who might be feeling insecure or behaving in a way that is not safe has made Outreach a fulfilling experience.”

website_michael_1Michael Kassatly, Math Faculty

“I feel a sense of responsibility to promote the health and well-being of our students.”

Nicole-Hall-webNicole Hall, Athletic Trainer and Robbins House Head

“Given the nature of my job, I consistently have the opportunity to connect with students in various aspects of their lives at Milton Academy.  I have always felt like I have had a strong connection with the high school students. Because of this, I strive to be a positive role model. Being a member of the Outreach team enables me to continue to help and guide students to learn from their mistakes, and continue to thrive in a safe environment.”