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Student Programs

Peer Discussion Leaders

What is a peer discussion leader?
Peer discussion leaders are students in Classes I and II who facilitate discussions about a variety of topics with students in Classes IV through II. Students who wish to be peer discussion leaders must have completed the HS&R course. These students submit applications in the spring of their Class III year and begin their tenure during their Class II year. Class I peer discussion leaders review applications and make recommendations to the faculty advisor, who chooses the new peer discussion leaders for the following year. Peer discussion leaders participate in weekly training sessions with the faculty sponsor.

How do I join a peer group?
In the beginning of the school year there will be announcements at assembly about when and where to meet to join a peer group.  However, at any time in the year you can join a peer group by contacting any one of the peer group leaders.

What happens at a peer group?
Peer groups are meant to be a fun, relaxing place where a peer discussion leader serves as a mentor to the new students.  At times, you might play ice breaker or team building games.  Other times, you might join in on serious conversations that effect students at Milton. 

Individual Student Support

Individual Student Support (ISS) is a group of 10 Class I students trained and supervised by Dr. Selter to talk with students about personal issues and act as a bridge to professional counseling. ISS members participate in weekly training sessions with Dr. Selter and are available to students who want to talk with a caring, trained peer.

SECS Student Teachers

A group of seniors are selected from those who have taken both HS&R and the continuing seminar to be teaching aides for the HS&R course. These students, referred to as SECS (Students Educating the Community about Sexuality), participate in weekly training sessions with faculty sponsors and are also trained to provide information on sexuality and resources to other students.