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Strategic Plan

A Vision for Milton


For generations, engaging academics, devoted teachers, and broad opportunities for intellectual and personal growth have been Milton hallmarks. In the coming decade, Milton will be known, first and foremost, as a vibrant community of educators with an unparalleled commitment to students and to the quality of our work with them.

Three defining goals will shape Milton’s future and strengthen the fundamental traditions of the School:

  • We will build the highest quality and strongest faculty, providing both the tools and the support for teachers to excel at their profession. Meeting this goal means providing compensation that fully recognizes the commitment teachers make to this crucial profession and to Milton. To succeed, we must also recruit and retain a diverse faculty.
  • We will consistently and rigorously renew our curriculum, relying on purposeful dialog among our faculty, and between our faculty and educational leaders outside Milton. This approach to curriculum will achieve and sustain genuine innovation over time, focusing on long-term excellence above short-term trends.
  • We will continue to enroll diverse, multi-dimensional students; help them develop their passion for learning; and explicitly cultivate mutual caring, respect, and understanding among them. Milton’s students will continue to be a daily manifestation of our mission and values.

These commitments will stimulate creativity across the School, and also preserve our core strengths: the excellence of our faculty and the transformative relationships between teachers and students.

Realizing these commitments will require all of us at Milton to hold ourselves fully accountable for our work as educators — to meet absolutely the highest standards for fostering extraordinary growth in each of our students.