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More than ever, Milton students need ready and regular access to adults who can help them make wise decisions and develop as leaders and community members.

Milton’s goal is to provide every student in grades 6–12 with a variety of richly rewarding relationships with adults on campus, through our advising program. Creating a more consistent and comprehensive approach to advising for boarding and day students is an important opportunity, acknowledged during the NEASC accreditation process.

Advisors integrate the academic, social and emotional development of students. When advisors are well prepared and positioned to implement their important role, the effects are often powerful and positively differentiating for their students.

Milton will recognize the distinct role of advisors, define it more clearly, and prepare and empower advisors more fully so that they can most effectively guide their students. We will better define positive and developmentally appropriate partnership with parents, recognizing their valuable insights and perspectives. We intend to strengthen our engagement with parents, including in the case of boarding students, where advisors serve in loco parentis. Milton will:

  • provide professional development for all advisors on working with adolescents in an educational and leadership development context;
  • provide advisors with systematic feedback and evaluation;
  • develop a framework for communication with parents that addresses the social and academic context of Milton students; the discrete and complementary roles of advisors and parents; and appropriate expectations for contact with, and communication between, advisors and parents.