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Milton students should experience moving among and learning from diverse cultures. This experience requires diversity not only among students but also among adults.

Our faculty must more fully represent the personal histories our students represent and will encounter beyond Milton. We seek a broader range of role models to align with our students’ interests and identities. We want all students to have a more extensive realistic experience learning from and being accountable to mentors of various cultures.

We want Milton faculty to experience diverse cultural perspectives and to deepen the connections between cultures and teaching content; we want the lived experience of diversity to expand our faculty’s professional knowledge; and we want to welcome and support individual voices within a more diverse community.

To attract a diverse community of adults, we must remain committed to equity, openness and inclusion.

As part of our effort to sustain and build an excellent faculty, Milton will make progress in expanding faculty diversity, including:

  • affirming and adopting a long-term goal of reaching a critical mass of faculty of color through hiring and retention;
  • following industry best practices consistently, in recruiting and retaining faculty of color, and assessing retention of faculty of color over time and through career stages;
  • increasing initiatives that build a diverse faculty, who reflect a broad understanding of culture and identity;
  • providing professional development for faculty and staff to increase their knowledge and ability to support a dynamic, inclusive community.