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Steering Committee


The Milton Academy Board of Trustees convened an ad hoc Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC) that includes trustees, administrators and faculty. The Committee will direct and guide Milton Academy’s strategic planning during academic years 2011 and 2012. The strategic plan will have a ten-year vision and a five-year planning horizon.


The SPSC collaborates with the head of school on framing the vision and major strategies for Milton.

The SPSC meets regularly to carry out its work and seeks input from other groups at the Academy including but not limited to the Faculty Council, the Administrative Council, alumni, students and parents.

The SPSC oversees the work of a set of task forces that will explore in-depth explicit, critical questions identified by the SPSC. The SPSC may also create a series of listening sessions for other key constituencies.

The SPSC will apprise the board of its progress periodically and engage the full board at points during the process.

To foster full and open discussion, all members of the SPSC will maintain confidentiality regarding all background materials; meetings and informal discussions; and working plan drafts throughout the planning process.

The SPSC will submit final recommendations to the full board for consideration.

Chris McKown, Chair

Robert Azeke ’87

Robert Cunha  ’83

Mark Denneen ’84

Lisa Donohue ’83

John Fitzgibbons ’87

Kitty Gordan

F. Warren McFarlan ’55

Todd Bland
Head of School

David Ball ’88
Upper School Principal

Heather Flewelling
Director, Multiculturalism and Community Development

Heather Sugrue
Mathematics, Upper School

Martha Slocum