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Task Force: Faculty


Faculty Excellence

Consider how Milton will recruit, support, develop and retain teachers, who possess the expertise necessary to provide the next generation of Milton students with an outstanding Milton education. Informed by the work of the Education and Student Life task forces, recommend institutional priorities, outcomes and policies that address these goals, considering:

  • Recruiting priorities and strategies, including the programmatic and demographic drivers of those priorities
  • The diversity of the faculty
  • The structure and content of professional development for the faculty, both in light of current priorities and in anticipation of evolving educational needs
  • Faculty collaboration, professional connection, and community
  • Faculty support and compensation


David Ball
Upper School Principal

Liz Gray
Middle School Social Studies


Tarim Chung
English Department Chair

Kelli Edwards
Performing Arts Department

André Heard
Associate Dean of Students

Jerrie Moffett
Grade 1

Corey Simonson
Middle School Science

Sarah Wehle
Classics Department

Vivian WuWong
History Department Chair

Tamara Nikuradse
Grade 3


John Fitzgibbons ’87

Kitty Gordan

Antonia Grumbach ’61

Jack Reardon ’56