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Student Involvement


Student Sustainability Board

The Sustainability Board is student group that focuses on environmental initiatives at Milton. The board operates on the belief that, as stewards of the earth, Milton students have a responsibility to be conscious of how lifestyle choices can have large-scale effects on the world. The board focuses on improving Milton’s sustainability, hoping to inspire large-scale environmental change on campus. The board’s initiatives range from small projects such as hosting informative morning assemblies to large projects such as implementing composting on campus and encouraging all students to avoid plastic water bottles and reduce their meat consumption. Thus far, the Sustainability Board has worked to::

  • Send all food waste from all dining halls to a composting facility.

  • Create an environmentally-friendly meal plan during Earth Week.

  • Educate students through announcements and games at assemblies.

  • Push to integrate environmental science and sustainability into the curriculum.

  • Offer compostable substitutes to the plastic utensils in the dining hall.

  • Outline and guide students’ recycling/reusing actions during the end of the year move-out.

  • Found the Independent School Sustainability Coalition (ISSC) of 20+ New England schools and host a conference.

Currently, the board is working on a number of different projects, including making composting available in more buildings, incorporating Big Belly trash cans around campus, eliminating disposable water bottle usage, and organizing a beach clean-up in collaboration with the Community Engagement office.

Co-heads of the Sustainability Board:  Sarah Palmer ’20, Nicholas Taborsky ’19, and Pierce Wilson ’19

Board members:  Max Andrade ’21, Margot Bancroft ’19, Jennifer Chen ’19, Cory Delano ’20, Gracie Deneen ’21, Ariane DesRosiers ’19, Alyssa Dunn ’19, Hannah George ’20, Louise Goldenberg ’21, Rory Hallowell ’20, Nettie Hitt ’21, Ablai Kabash ’21, Grace Li ’20, Zoe Malouf ’21, Leydn McEvoy ’20, Jayla Rhodes ’20, Grant Robinson ’20, George Rose ’21,  Nina Sidhu ’20, Annabelle Stoker ’21, Tony Tao ’20, Lily Wright ’19

Faculty sponsor: Linnea Engstrom



Named for the Dr. Seuss character that “speaks for the trees,” LORAX is a student group established in 1987 that raises awareness of the environment and our responsibility as stewards of the Earth. 

Our Mission: To speak for the trees through inspiration, education, and information.

Every ecological impact begins with you. Lorax is devoted to sparking conversation on environmental issues and creating an environmentally responsible and aware campus.

Co-heads: Margot Bancroft, Jenn Chen and Ariane DesRosiers

Ideas for 2018-2019 Year

  • Monthly newsletter
  • Weekly discussion-based meetings
  • Bi-monthly themes
  • Campus-wide art installations
  • Plan for each month with Sustainability board
  • Monthly Lorax documentary showings with sustainable/healthy/fair trade foods
  • Fun short video skits every month raising awareness on the environmental issues behind sustainability projects
  • Interdisciplinary collaborations with other clubs for increased awareness