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French Exchange


Milton Academy & Le Lycée Georges Duby, Aix en Provence

Lycée Georges Duby at Milton: April
Milton in France : May/June

2020-exchangeYou can be one of a group of Milton students who will spend two weeks in France next May/June, accompanied by two Milton faculty members. This year’s exchange will mark the 43rd anniversary of Milton’s French Exchange Program. Each Milton student is paired with a student from the Lycée Georges Duby, and during the group’s stay in Aix, lives with that student’s family, sharing French family life. During the day, classes are coupled with a program of cultural experiences and historical visits. When the group from the Lycée comes to Milton, you will act as host to your exchange counterpart. The French students will stay two weeks in April, attend classes at Milton, and participate in various school activities. Boarding students are responsible for finding a host family for their French counterparts.

Our hope is that each student will return with new confidence in their understanding and mastery of French and a newfound perspective on another culture.

The Lycée and Aix

The Lycée Georges Duby is situated in a suburb of Aix, and is reputed for its “section internationale” (an advanced academic track with an international focus). Aix, the town where Cézanne was born, is a charming, artistic city renown for its typical Provençal atmosphere, and a perfect place from which to discover Provence, with its rich natural, cultural and culinary attributes.

We will explore some of the most attractive towns and villages in the South of France, including Arles, Marseille, and Le Lubéron.

Visit the Web site for The Lycée Georges Duby:

2018–2019 Calendar

September 25
French Exchange Assembly

October 26
Information session for parents

November 15
Application deadline

Decision letters sent

Letters exchanged with French counterparts

Permission forms due

French students arrive

May (mid)
Orientation meeting with parents

May 21-June 4
Milton in France

Program Fees
The projected cost for 2020—subject to the ratification of the applicable airfare and the fluctuation of the dollar—is $2,000. Financial aid will be available.

Eligibility and Selection
Students in Class II or III who are in their second year of French or beyond may apply. The personal qualities which are important for success in this program are adaptability (to a French family and a new environment) and curiosity. We are also seeking students who can help and support one another, who will participate with enthusiasm and energy in the activities of the group, and who like to enjoy trying what is new and unusual. Participants must also be committed to improving their spoken French. Every student participating in the exchange will have to travel with the group.

Ask your French teacher for an application as early as September. Hand it to Isabelle Lantieri (Ware 300).

If you are interested, we encourage you to apply as early as possible. If you need more information, do not hesitate to come and talk to Madame Lantieri. The deadline for applications is November 15, 2019. Decision letters will be sent mid-December. All permission forms are due at the end of February. The orientation meeting will be in early May.

For more information contact:

Isabelle Lantieri
Modern Language Department
Milton Academy
170 Centre Street