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Modern Languages


Inspiring Culturally Aware, Skilled Linguists

Milton students study Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese to become proficient in both a language and a culture that will broaden their worldly awareness. While honing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills all along, the ultimate goal for modern language students is fluency that will allow them to understand, connect, and create. Right away, students in entry level courses speak in the target language with faculty who are native or near-native speakers themselves. Through literature, art, film, news, current events—even food!—students are immersed in conversation and exploration. Knowing it’s impossible to understand the language well outside of the cultural context, faculty rely on realia—charging students with using their emerging linguistic skills to share literary reactions, scan international news sites and debate political events, discuss contemporary celebrations of art and music. Popular and valuable exchange programs in Spain, France and China expand students’ study, deepening facility with the language and solidifying cultural competency—critical and lasting skills that Milton graduates rely on for years to come.

My favorite teacher is Ms. Chen, who teaches Chinese Literature. My first language is English, and I ended up learning Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese a little afterwards. Ms. Chen has given me all the context I need and uses the discussion-based model really well. I’ve gained a real appreciation for the literature.

Jason Louie

Hong Kong