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Multimedia, video, film, lighting, and sound—the media of the 21st century—are in abundance in Milton’s Performing Arts experiences. Students have many opportunities to write, act in, direct, edit, and produce programs. The centerpiece of this experience is “The Moving Image” course, which introduces students to the fundamentals of movie production. Conceptualization, story structure, techniques of composition and shooting, and editing are practiced in a series of short projects that emphasize creative self-expression, effective production, and concern for craft.

In addition, the Audiovisual Department supports teaching and learning with a myriad of technical and program resources. Various viewing and production rooms are available for class projects and production-related activities. A large inventory of recorders, cameras, and projectors are circulated to the campus for production and presentations. The AV Crew, a student service organization, helps run a wide variety of events that require media services during the evening and weekend hours.

“The Film Project” created by students in Milton’s Moving Image class