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Physical Education


Physical education and athletics are integral elements of the Milton experience. The school offers a comprehensive program which includes physical education classes, intramural sports and interscholastic athletics. Students are required to elect one of these options each season of the year, although Class I students are exempt during the spring. Opportunities exist to work with the athletic trainer, to be manager of a team, or to do an independent study in athletics.


Each team has its individual nature and culture, but the common line drawn among them is one of enduring support and camaraderie. Sports are the “spice” of my days; every time I walk into the locker room, onto the field, or into the rink, I am greeted with something new to occupy my focus. It feels like stepping through a door and hanging up the rest of your tasks on a hook while you’re there.

Caroline Baldwin, Class of 2022

Hingham, Massachusetts