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Physical Education


Physical education and athletics are integral elements of the Milton experience. The school offers a comprehensive program which includes physical education classes, intramural sports and interscholastic athletics. Students are required to elect one of these options each season of the year, although Class I students are exempt during the spring. Opportunities exist to work with the athletic trainer, to be manager of a team, or to do an independent study in athletics.


The best thing about girls’ basketball is the team—100 percent. I was nervous about being on varsity, but the first day I went into the locker room, the other girls had decorated all of our lockers and organized a “secret psych” for the first game. It was just this awesome, positive, welcoming atmosphere. Playing basketball is fun, but what’s going to get you through the drills and hard practices and ups and downs of competition? That’s going to be your team, and I love my team.

Lyndsey Mugford

Wellesley, Massachusetts