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Class IV Information

Freshmen, Greetings from the College Office

In this, your Class IV year, we will not intrude much at all, but there are a few pieces of information related to Spring 2020 standardized testing that we need to share with you.    

  • A number of you will be taking one, two, or even three SAT Subject Tests at the end of this academic year on either May 2 or June 6. FYI: The registration deadlines are April 3 for the May test and May 8 for the June test.  

  • How do you register for these tests? Good question! We recommend that you register for one account online at If you set up an account for yourself with the College Board now, you will save lots of time in the future. Put your password in a safe place where you won’t lose it or forget it!

  • Which tests should you take? In the past, some Class IV students have taken SAT Subject Tests in:
    • Math (check with your teacher)
    • Foreign Language (if you have reached the 4th level, and especially if you are dropping the subject after the 4th level)
    • Physics or Chemistry (check with your teacher)Please refer to the Standardized Testing for College guide for a more detailed discussion of appropriate tests and departmental guidelines. The guide is also available under Standardized Testing.
  • Before you take any of these tests, we recommend that you take at least one practice test. The College Board website has sample questions for every SAT Subject Tests at    

  • You don’t necessarily need to know exactly which SAT Subject Tests you want to take to register now. You can make that decision on the day of the test, if necessary. What is most important is that you register now, so that you have reserved a test booklet and seat for yourself at the test site.

If you have other specific questions about standardized testing that are not addressed above or in the Standardized Testing for College guide, please feel free to contact the College Office.