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Cox Library


Library - LPLaura Pearle (2015)
Director, Cox Library
B.A., Hamilton College
M.L.S., Long Island University

For me, research is like solving a mystery: the information is out there, somewhere, and by following the clues it’s findable. My goal is to create lifelong learners – people who find gathering information about a topic they’re personally interested in to be exciting.  I also am an avid reader in all genres, averaging 300 books/year.

Cox-NovickJoanna Novick (2016)
Upper School Librarian
B.S., Emerson College
M.A., Providence College
M.L.I.S., San Jose State University

As a former high school history teacher, I am excited to be working at Milton Academy. I hope to play a role in creating the most usable, accessible, inclusive and productive library for everyone in our community. I am particularly passionate about research, information literacy, and (of course) history. I also love meeting new people; so please stop by the library for help with anything and everything – or just to say hi!

Cox-ReardonBeth Reardon (2016)
Middle School Librarian
B.A. Rhode Island College
M.L.S. University of Michigan

After a long sojourn in the South, I’m excited to join the library team at Milton. What I love about being a librarian in an independent school is that every day is different, with unique questions and challenges. But the common factor is that we’re here to help and goal is to find the perfect resource for you – in whatever format works best for you.

Library - ShiminShimin Zhou (1997)
B.A., Beijing Normal University, China

I have been in a school setting my whole life, either as a student or an instructor, either in China or in the U.S.  I enjoy traveling with my family, and I love cooking and gardening.

MitchellMitchell Edwards (2019)
B.A., Harvard University

Studying literature in college confirmed my suspicion that I could never do anything without books being deeply involved in my daily life.  To that end, I taught AP Literature at a school in New York before coming to Milton.  Here at Milton, I hope to help connect students with books that will be meaningful to them, whether it’s a critical missing link in a research project or a new favorite novel.  Please ask me about: science fiction, drums, rare books, my cat (Pants), critical theory, or cooking.

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