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18-11_fall-playVisitors to King Theatre this week may wonder about the hints of something spooky onstage: skulls, gothic décor and, wait… is that a torture rack?

The macabre pieces set the scene for the Addams Family Musical, this year’s fall production from the performing arts department. The musical comedy chronicles chaos visited upon the Addamses when daughter Wednesday brings a “normal” boyfriend home to meet the family. The show, which features the iconic, close-knit family and a Greek chorus of their undead ancestors, gives every actor a chance to shine.

“It has a lot of the dark humor from the Addams Family movies, and it’s a lot of fun,” says faculty member Dar Anastas, who is directing the production. “Ultimately, it’s about a family who love one another and fight to stay together, and it’s very funny. We could all use a little silliness now and then.”

Performing arts faculty member Shane Fuller is leading the tech shop for this fall production, and performing arts department chair Kelli Edwards is choreographing. The Addams Family opens Thursday, November 15, at 7:30 p.m., followed by a Friday show at 7:30 p.m. and a Saturday performance at 7 p.m., in King Theatre.