The Korean War Memorial Scholarship

About the Scholarship

The Korean War Memorial Scholarship was established to honor those graduates of Milton Academy who, during the Korean War, gave their lives in their country’s service. It was founded by Thomas G. Spang ’47 and a number of relatives of the four men who perished:Frederick Sprague Barbour, Class of 1946
Thomas Amory Hubbard, Class of 1947
George Cabot Lee, Class of 1947
Sherrod Emerson Skinner Jr., Class of 1947

Milton Academy recognizes that our students need preparation to live in a global society. As leaders in the 21st century, they will face far more challenging global issues than were confronted by the generations that preceded them. The Korean War Memorial Scholarship seeks to promote cultural exchange and understanding by bringing a student from a developing foreign nation to Milton Academy. The selected student would add to the intellectual richness and diversity of the Academy by bringing a cultural perspective that would be shared both in and out of the classroom. The hope is that the recipient would then return to his/her country with insight and understanding of our American culture. In this way, the sacrifices that inspired this memorial may contribute in some measurable way to a better world.

Scholarship Selection and Guidelines

  • The Scholarship Committee searches for qualified international students from developing countries.
  • Candidates must be academically focused students with strong English skills who will carry forward the ideals honored by the Korean War Memorial Scholarship.
  • The accepted candidate will be inquisitive, outgoing, interested in developing leadership skills and possess a strong desire to learn about American culture.
  • To be considered, students must be entering the equivalent of a U.S. high school’s 11th or 12th grade.
  • The scholarship is intended as a one year cultural exchange from which both the scholarship recipient and the Milton Academy community benefit. The hope is that the recipient will return to his/her country to share and use the perspective and knowledge gained at Milton Academy.

Applying for the Scholarship

Applicants for the Korean War Memorial Scholarship should follow the instructions and timelines specified on the application for admission at Milton Academy. In addition, Korean War Memorial Scholarship applicants must also submit a third essay. In this third essay, applicants must describe:

1. Their expectations for their year at Milton Academy

2. What they would like to achieve academically; and

3. How they would become involved in the Milton Academy community

To receive an application, please email Please be sure to write KWMS in the subject line. You may also call (617) 898-2227.