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ATS Student Device Recommendations

Minimum Requirements


Feature Minimum Recommended Preferred Rationale for Recommendation
Display 11″ screen 12.5″-15″ screen Standard screen size, going bigger or smaller with the display is at the discretion of the user
Processor Intel Core i5 (Windows/Mac) Intel Core i7 (Windows)

Apple M1 or M2 (Mac)

The latest Windows operating systems and applications written for it will require advanced processors to be used effectively.
Memory 8GB 16GB Memory demands for Windows and Mac OS will require at least 8 gigabytes (GB) of memory.
Hard disk 256 GB 256 GB Solid State Drive or higher A USB powered external hard drive is recommended for saving your files. You may also use your Unlimited Milton Academy Google Drive space to save classwork.
Wireless Networking 802.11a/n 5GHz capability 802.11a/ac 5GHz capability This will allow machines to operate on the 5GHz wireless frequencies that provide increased throughput and roaming performance over some previously installed wireless adapters.
Video RAM 512 MB 1 GB Windows and OS X will require a more powerful graphics card.
Operating system Windows 10, Mac OS 12 (Monterey)  Windows 10, Mac OS 12 (Monterey) This choice is at the discretion of the user. Use caution when updating to the newest Mac OS. We recommend waiting until the first update is released.
Battery 3 Cell Battery 3 Cell Battery or larger 3 cell batteries provide optimum life for the laptop when students are in classes for long periods of time
Warranty 4 Year Limited Warranty 4 Year Warranty with Complete Care(PC) or 3 year AppleCare The warranty will cover the hardware in the laptop for 4 years in the case of defective parts. We suggest you give thought to a plan that will cover accidental damage.

Suggested Devices – As of May 2023

Please note your child may qualify for educational pricing using their Milton Academy email address.


Apple Macbook (any configuration meeting above requirements)


Lenovo ThinkPad X13 Gen 2 (13″ Intel) (any configuration meeting above requirements)


Suggested Accessories

  • External Drive (size min 1TB)
  • Wireless Mouse (user preference)
  • Backpack with padded device area and/or padded laptop sleeve
  • If you have a laptop with only USB-C ports a USB Hub with USB 2.0 & HDMI is highly suggested. Example link.

School-Provided Software

  • Milton Academy will provide Anti-Virus software to all students free of charge
  • Milton Academy students can access Microsoft Office at no cost through this link