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Two-step Verification

To enable two-step verification on your Milton Google account, it is best to have your cell phone with you and be in front of a computer. You may find it works best to enable the setting through your computer, and confirm the second step using your phone. (Note: if you do not have a cell phone, or your phone is shared with others, please see the note below about one-time codes.)

Once the two-step setting is enabled, you will be prompted for the second step the first time you login to a Google app (Gmail, Drive, etc.) with your Milton email address and password on a given computer or device. If you use the same computer each day, you will only be prompted every 30 days to affirm your identity.

Note that if you login to Google on different devices, you will be prompted on the first login to each computer or device.

Click here for a video tutorial. If you have questions or need assistance, we encourage you to reach out to the ATS HelpDesk.

One-time codes (for use in moments when you need to sign in but do not have a phone)

To guard against moments where you either forget your phone, or simply do not have it with you, Google allows you to generate a series of one-time codes that are unique to you. We strongly recommend taking the step to generate these codes, and suggest that you print them and keep them with something (other than your phone) that is likely to always be with you. Each code can be used only once to confirm your identity to Google. You can generate ten codes at once, and have the option to generate additional sets of codes should you have occasion to use the first ten.

Here is a short video with instructions for generating your one-time codes.

iPhone Mail app

If you prefer to read your Milton email using the iPhone Mail app (as opposed to loading the Gmail app on your device), you will need to follow these steps in order to see your mail after enabling two-step verification.