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05-01_breyer_2Milton Academy alumna and installation artist Nell Breyer (Class of 1989) has intrigued audiences with her i: move series. Now Milton’s Nesto Gallery features the latest of her exhibitions, entitled “Body Paint.” Through her art, Nell captures the chance or purposeful movement of everyday people in public places. I:move explores how we perceive movement. It embeds daily activities into formal choreography and is being developed for public spaces that are centers of human motion. It has been shown at MIT’s IM Pei archway. Pedestrian traffic is tracked and transformed into 2-dimensional shadow play. Continuous motion trails occur like reliable yet unpredictable weather patterns.

“The result of Nell’s installation is to make a performer out of each of us,” says Visual Arts Department Chair Gordon Chase. “Each person catches his or her eye in the ‘electronic mirror’ and is challenged to respond—to move, to dance, to walk about, to gesture in space.” In the Nesto Gallery exhibit, Breyer is the casting director and choreographer, while the gallery-goers are the stars of the show. Nell’s exhibit is “live” at Milton Academy from January 7-February 3.