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Maggie Jackson, Class of 1978, author and journalist, talks with faculty about reinvigorating the ability to pay attention

08-09_jackson_1Maggie Jackson ’78 has written about our “distraction-plagued, split-focus” culture.  Not only does this culture define adults’ lives, it affects every aspect of child development, including their experience of learning, in and out of the classroom. Milton faculty begin each school year by exploring a timely issue integral to teaching and learning.  On Wednesday, September 4, they talked with Maggie about her book, Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age. Distracted was published in June and has been featured on National Public Radio, in the New York Times,BusinessWeek, Vanity Fair, The London Sunday Times, and in publications around the world. It was chosen as a best summer book of 2008 by the Seattle Post Intelligencer.