Olivia Wang and Beck Kendig Elected Head Monitors

head-monitorsLast week, newly elected head monitors Olivia Wang (II) and Beck Kendig (II) took up the mantle as school leaders from outgoing head monitors Asia Chung (I) and Michael George (I). Olivia, who is from Shanghai, lives in Robbins House. She is a board member for the Asian Society, an opinion section editor for the Milton Measure, and on the editorial board for the F-Word. She competes on the swim team and the track team. She also served on the Self-Governing Association (SGA) as a Class II rep. Beck lives in Wolcott House and he is from Marblehead, Massachusetts. He is an OBK tour guide, a co-head of the Style Club, and a writer for the Milton Paper. He is also a captain of the ski team, a player on the varsity soccer team, and served on SGA as class rep his sophomore year.

Over the course of two weeks in April, eight students—self-nominated—made their case to all students and faculty that they should be one of the two head monitors for the 2019–2020 year.

Olivia and Beck are already planning for next year and are focused on exploring options for the morning assembly system. As class reps, both have had experience with planning and running assemblies and know the pros and cons of that responsibility. They want to draw on their knowledge and improve the assembly experience for all students.

Olivia says they also want to “create a Milton that allows for more cross-grade and cross-cultural interactions. Sometimes you get closed off into small groups of your close friends. We want to create opportunities for more random interactions between students.” Beck says overall they want to “make Milton better with measurable, achievable change.”