Communication: Connecting You With What You’d Like to Know

You may wonder when you’ll hear from Milton: How often? About what? How? And why? We are eager to support our Milton parents and help you understand and follow the exciting life of the School. To do that, we combine regular messages from people at Milton with the rich resources at

Here are a few communication points that you can expect.

About your child:
 Your child’s advisor will touch base with you during the first two weeks of school; after that, contact between parents and advisors usually develops in ways that are helpful and suited to the broad range of parent and student needs and styles.

About School life: 
Dean of Students José Ruiz and Academic Dean Heather Sugrue will write to you during the year about matters of interest to all students.

Mr. Ruiz will email you monthly regarding student life on campus, among other updates. This email includes important upcoming dates, cultural and athletic highlights for the month ahead, and fun weekend activities for boarding and day students from our student activities office.

Ms. Sugrue will address aspects of students’ academic lives: faculty comments and what they mean, grades, exams, course selections—the intellectual life of the School. You will also use myMilton, our student, family, and faculty portal, throughout the year to view your student’s grades and comments.

About events, activities, performances, games:
 Milton’s website calendar is the place to find key details about dates, times, and places for events throughout the year. The calendar, in addition to the Dean of Students’ monthly email, will keep you informed of key activities for your student.

About your child’s experiences:Centre Connection, your online newsletter, provides a great window into the School—feature articles and profiles, video and audio about day-to-day life at Milton. It is published five times each year (August, October, December, February, April), in sync with major events and seasonal transitions. Follow Milton on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for glimpses into everyday life on campus.

About time-relevant, important messages, including emergencies:
 Milton’s broadcast message system connects parents and students with information regarding time-sensitive news such as weather cancellations and delays, or campus emergencies. This system sends messages simultaneously by email, text and cell phone. You will receive these messages rarely, and they need your attention as soon as they arrive.

Occasionally Upper School Principal David Ball, or Head of School Todd Bland, may also email parents to communicate with you about issues of particular importance.

In emails that you receive from the School, you will see at the bottom of the message the option to “Manage Your Subscription.” We strongly urge you to stay subscribed, as unsubscribing would exclude you from messages relevant to your child’s school life. Please also be sure to check your email system’s spam filters to ensure that email messages from the School reach you in a timely and efficient manner.

We hope these communication channels and resources will serve you well throughout your child’s time at Milton. We welcome your ideas about ways we can change or add to this communication plan.