19-11_hunger-awarenessThis holiday season, Community Engagement Programs and Partnerships (CEPP) is busy with many projects aimed at helping others, involving students, staff and faculty. Starting back in October around Halloween, CEPP students collected candy donations, wrote notes of thanks and encouragement, and packaged them off to troops serving in Afghanistan.

In November, CEPP hosted its annual Hunger Awareness Week. The main event was a lunch period during which students and adults drew lottery tickets that assigned them to either a high-, middle- or low-income tier. The number of tickets for each income level was proportional to current incomes worldwide, with the majority representing people who live in poverty. The ticket each participant received indicated whether they would eat a full meal, rice and beans, or just a bowl of rice. More than $1,600 was raised, which will be donated to Partners in Health programs in Haiti and Navajo Nation.

CEPP is also managing a gift drive to fulfill the wishes of 60 children from the Taylor Elementary School in Dorchester and the Bridge Boston Elementary School. Many student advisory groups together are purchasing gifts or collecting money for food baskets. The food baskets are for 20 families support by the Department of Children and Families (DCF), and CEPP student leaders will assemble the baskets next week.