Just for Fun

String Serenade
Members of the Milton Academy Orchestra virtually recorded Elgar’s String Serenade.
Milton vs. Nobles Video
Although Milton and Nobles were unable to face one another on the fields this fall, our two schools still managed to collaborate on this fun video project.
Epic Song
Milton’s a cappella group, Epic, performs Tell Him.
Dancing From Home
Alli Reilly ’20 performs a “tight-space” dance for her Advanced Choreography project.
Rehearsing for the Dance Concert
Ira Sobchyshyna (I) choreographs a dance for the Winter Dance Concert.
Stepping in the ACC
Milton’s step team pumps up the crowd during the pep rally in the ACC.
The Hub of Our School

The Stu is central to student activity during a Milton school day. Watch this 360-degree video of 10 a.m. recess to see if you can find your student among the bustle.

Arts on Revisit Day
A treat for newly admitted students: Our musicians, dancers and speechies lent their talents during Revisit Day to showcase the array of arts offerings at Milton.
Objects at Rest Stay at Rest
Students learn about Newton’s First Law with experiments in Class IV Physics class.
Getting It Right On the First Try
Jim Kernohan’s Advanced Physics students place rings where a ball can fly through each one. Watch the replay in slo-mo.
Visual Arts @ Milton
Listen to Department Chair Ian Torney talk about the visual arts program.
The Force Awakens in King
Preparing for the Winter Dance Concert
Ira Sobchyshyna (II) choreographs a Ukrainian folk dance that will be part of the Winter Dance Concert.
Biology Lab Time-Lapse
Watch Michael Edgar’s Advanced Biology students work on their physarum chemotaxis lab.
All That Jazz
Milton’s jazz combo jams in class.

Centre Connection

Centre Connection, Milton's online newsletter for parents, is published five times each year through the efforts of the Milton Academy Communication Office and Parents' Association volunteers.

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