During the First Few Days of School, Where Can I…

…find the schedule of the first few days?

The deans’ office has created an online calendar listing events specific to the first few days of school. This calendar displays all events and allows you to filter the information to only the events you need to see. View this calendar of the first few days of school. Your child’s schedule will also be available on your myMilton page.

…get my class schedule?

Class schedules can be accessed from your child’s myMilton portal in late August, pending completion of all required forms. If your child is unable to view or print their schedule from myMilton during registration, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 617-898-2572.

…submit my health forms?

Upper School students will not receive their schedules until all health forms are submitted and approved. All health forms must be submitted to your Magnus Health account, as the School no longer accepts paper forms. If you have not yet submitted your child’s health forms, you should have received an email reminder. If you require assistance with accessing your Magnus Health account, please email the health center at healthcenter@milton.edu.

…buy my textbooks?

You may purchase textbooks and other required supplies in Wigglesworth Hall from Friday, August 30 through Wednesday, September 4. Hours for buying books in Wigglesworth Hall are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday through Tuesday, and 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Wednesday. You can also order your textbooks online once your child has received their course schedule, and we encourage you to do so, at http://milton.bncollege.com. If ordering online, please remember to place the order in the name of the student. You will pick up your pre-ordered books in Wigglesworth Hall during the opening of school. The bookstore in the lower level of Warren Hall will be open throughout orientation, and you can purchase Milton clothing and gifts items there.

…find information about banking?

Banking representatives will be on campus during registration.

…get my student identification card?

Students may pick up their student identification cards at check-in in the Schwarz Student Center.

…get my bus identification?

Students may pick up their bus identification tags at check-in in the Schwarz Student Center.


Where do I find…

…a list of courses?

The Course Catalogue (At www.milton.edu, select “Course Catalogue” from the “Academics” dropdown menu)

…timely School news and features for parents?

Centre Connection, the online parents’ newsletter (At www.milton.edu, select “Parents’ Newsletter” from the “Parents” dropdown menu.)

…a calendar and information about Milton events?

Milton’s online calendar (At www.milton.edu, select “Upper School Calendar” from the “News” dropdown menu.)

…an athletics schedule?

Milton’s online athletics calendar (At www.milton.edu, select “Athletics Calendar” from the “Athletics” dropdown menu.)

…my child’s house head’s name and telephone number?

The faculty-student directory in myMilton. (Click on “House Numbers” in the lower left corner.)

…information about homework expectations?

The Milton Academy Student Handbook (At www.milton.edu, select “Student Handbook” from the “Parents” dropdown menu.)