Top Honors for Speech and Debate This Past Weekend

Milton’s speech and debate team members had a successful showing against 36 area schools at the MSDL Lincoln Sudbury annual tournament this past Saturday. Honors awarded to our Mustangs included:

Special Trophy for Most Accumulated Points by Novice PF teams: Milton Academy
1st Place: Tim Colledge and Tony Wang (Varsity Public Forum)
8th Place: Lorenzo D’Simone and Yaman Habip (Novice PF)
5th Place: John Yildirim (Novice PF speaker award)
2nd Place: Tim Colledge (Varsity PF speaker award)
1st Place: Toni Wang (Varsity PF speaker award)
4th Place: Jack Burton (Dramatic Performance)
1st Place: Talia Sherman and Jack Burton (Duo Interpretation)
2nd Place: Neha Modak (Extemp)
4th Place: Elliot Smith (Extemp)
3rd Place: John Kulow (Informative)
4th Place: Nyla Sams (Informative)
6th Place: Jana Amin (Informative)
3rd Place: Jana Amin (Original Oratory)
4th Place: Miranda Paiz (Prose)