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earthAdam Berrey ’89 helped Milton honor Earth Day by organizing the “Milton Clean Tech Panel” for the assembly hosted by LORAX.  The panelists, leaders in several companies involved in the clean tech industry, addressed the important role business plays in finding solutions for current and future environmental issues.

“Although we can all make small everyday changes to help the environment, such as taking quick showers and turning off lights, that just really glosses over the problems we face,” says Adam. “Our whole life depends on low cost energy and if we don’t fundamentally change how we provide this energy, there is no way we will stop global warming.”

Adam, a longtime environmentalist and entrepreneur, is a member of North Bridge Venture Partners.  He was joined on the panel by Berl Hartman, New England chapter director of E2; Frank Gorke of CLEAResult; David Miller of Clean Energy Venture Group; and Tom Pincince, a Milton parent and CEO of Digital Lumens. All are New England-based companies either funding or producing products focused on clean technology.

The panelists discussed the challenges of climate changes, how the clean tech industry can address these changes, the importance of government policies, and exciting new innovations in the pipeline.

Named for the Dr. Seuss character that “speaks for the trees,” LORAX is a student group established in 1987 that raises awareness of the environment and our responsibility as stewards.