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greenmoveoutThis week, students kicked off a campus-wide Green Move Out. The goal: Develop a more concerted approach—as students leave campus for the summer—to decreasing the amount of trash and waste left behind. This means finding new homes for donate-able items, and educating students, faculty and staff about wasteful consumption.

Inevitably collecting “stuff” over the school year, students and adults “need to be thoughtful and deliberate about how to get rid of the things we no longer want or need,” says Karin Roethke-Kahn, head of Hathaway House. “The Green Move Out gives those items a new home, or helps recycle them appropriately. It also challenges people to think about their patterns of consumption.”

Donation stations—in the Schwarz Student Center and in the dorms through June 10—invite students to deposit unwanted, but reusable, items. Bins are marked for clothing, linens, school supplies, sports equipment, books, unopened food, bulbs and batteries, CDs/DVDs. Collected items will be donated to Milton’s community service partners or recycled responsibly. Students, staff and faculty are also encouraged to use recycle bins around campus for papers and plastics as they clean up their spaces for the summer.