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07-09_convocation_1Milton students, faculty and staff filled the Fitzgibbons Convocation Center on Monday, September 10, welcoming the new school year in traditional fashion. The Academy’s interfaith chaplain, Suzanne De Buhr, led the invocation; Sabrina Lee and Henry Litman—co-head monitors—welcomed fellow students and passed along wisdom they have gained in their years at Milton. Both Sabrina and Henry received the James S. Willis, Jr. Memorial Award, given in memory of James S. Willis, Jr. ’50, “a gallant leader.” Upper School Principal Sarah Wehle introduced fourteen new faculty members, and Head of School Rick Hardy announced the appointment of faculty member Will Crissman to the George C. Lee ’47 Chair, a gift of the Lee family, awarded “to support excellence in teaching and to build community among junior faculty.” Mr. Hardy then shared with students “A Teacher’s Welcome,” honoring three adults who influenced him and stoked his passion for learning. He implored students to look to their teachers—and each other—for that same inspiration.