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convocationAt the opening of Convocation, a formal School tradition marking the beginning of each academic year, Head of School Todd Bland welcomed everyone and encouraged students to “listen to your own voice to guide you in learning and in life.”  

Messages from Upper School Principal David Ball and Class I co-head monitors, Olivia Wang and Beck Kendig, were other highlights of the ceremony. Mr. Ball spoke about finding moments of joy, humility and generosity in life. He also introduced new faculty members and presented Olivia and Beck with the James S. Willis Jr. Memorial Award.

Both Olivia and Beck offered specific, humorous, and poignant advice to new students as well as returning ones. Olivia referred each class to a summer pop song where the lyrics fit the feel of each year. Beck introduced the year’s theme as a simple encouragement for students to be welcoming to each other and “Just say hi.”