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04-09_boat_1In its eighth consecutive year, Paul Menneg’s Sculpture class commenced with a friendly boat-building competition. The contest introduces new students to the ideas and methods of sculpture and engineering in a fun and interactive way. The class is divided into teams and each group is allotted four pieces of cardboard and one half of a roll of duct tape. With only these materials, students must build a boat. The ship that remains buoyant for the longest amount of time claims bragging rights for the semester. Students spent the first couple of days constructing their vessels and on the morning of September 16, the class assembled at the Milton Academy pool to test their projects. The record time set in past years is one hour and fifty five minutes. This year, the longest sailing craft lasted 10 minutes. “The students got a little carried away,” joked Menneg, “and sabotage may have played a role in this year’s results.”