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Earlier this spring, Milton’s Middle School director of equity and inclusion, Angelina Howard, let us know that she would be leaving Milton at the end of the school year. Angelina’s news created a moment for Milton’s Leadership Team to evaluate how alternative structures of the Department of Equity, Inclusion, and Justice might help us achieve our goals not only for right now, but also for the years ahead. 

Our objectives for this effort were to determine how best to sustain and develop the program while continuing to provide divisional DEIJ leadership and support. Going into these conversations, we knew that the success of our DEIJ work depends on strong relationships and trust that must be built over time. Therefore, ensuring the continuity of our staffing model would be extremely important. With all of this in mind, we have decided to make several changes to Milton’s DEIJ structure that will foster and strengthen existing relationships, provide professional growth opportunities, and create greater alignment and increased engagement across divisions.

We are planning for two changes for the 2024–25 school year:

  1. We will replicate our current Upper School DEIJ team model in the Lower and Middle schools, creating “specialist” roles in both divisions who will have meaningful part-time responsibilities within the DEIJ team.
  2. We will create more cross-divisional responsibilities for some full-time members of the DEIJ team to allow for more fluid sharing of expertise and best practices across all three divisions.